Growth in children

A good growth in height and weight can easily and reliably control the state of health of a child. Just to properly assess the height-weight development there are growth curves (growth percentiles) that comparing the weight and height of the child with other children of the same age to determine if he is normal. The

What are free radicals?

Free radicals are molecules which, having an unpaired electron in the orbital outermost, are particularly unstable: to “recover” the unpaired electron and return to their stable form, the free radicals react with other molecules triggering chain reactions in which are formed continually new radicals. In normal conditions, the amount of free radicals is proportional to

The whey protein of milk

The whey proteins of milk or WP are a mixture of proteins isolated from whey, the liquid substance created as a byproduct of cheese production. The whey proteins are regularly sold and taken as a dietary supplement. They are divided generally into three major forms: concentrate (WPC), isolate (WPI) and hydrolyzate (WPH). The whey isolate

What are the amino acids?

Amino acids are structural units of proteins and it is possible to consider them as the bricks that, joined by a peptide bond, form a long sequence that gives rise to a protein. Amino acids are classified into two groups: – Essential amino acids are well defined because they can not be producted by the

What is the body mass index?

The Body Mass Index, or BMI (body mass index), is a parameter that allows you to determine if your weight is normal or if it differs. It is, therefore, a more generic and less specific to classify individuals according to their body composition, with no distinction between fat mass and lean mass, as is the

What are the vitamins?

Vitamins are essential biological molecules that must be taken, generally in small quantities, with the diet because the organisms are not able to synthesize. The requirement for a certain vitamin depends on the type of organism and not all organizations need all the vitamins. Vitamins are divided into: – Water-soluble vitamins do not accumulate in
The daily nutritional requirements are known for each individual substance and is expressed as the LARN and the RDA. LARN is an acronym that means “Taking Reference Levels of Nutrients and Energy for the Italian population.” Therefore, they are the recommendations made by a group of Italian experts on the basis of recent scientific literature